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Awakenings Release and an eReader giveaway!

Today is Release Day!!!! 

I am so, so, so, so excited to announce that Awakenings has been released. 

I'm going to be all over the internet today, (in a good way), talking about the book and sharing a little information about myself, writing in general, and adding some funny stories along the way. I hope you join me on some of these blogs so we can laugh together. Feel free to comment on anything and everything! I'll be checking in periodically and will be happy to chat with you. So without further ado, here is my blog tour schedule, a little about my book, and of course the buy links to purchase it. 


Evie Shepard awakens to a nightmare. She's been buried alive and has no idea how or why. As she struggles to remember what happened, she begins to notice changes -- heightened senses, as well as increased speed, agility, and strength. And her heart no longer beats. She soon makes a disturbing discovery: she wasn't buried alive; she was murdered. Somehow, she has come back... and she wants revenge.

Give Away - eReader and Awakenings!

Buy Links: 


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Blog Hop!!!!!

Entranced offers books that will pull you in, make your heart race, and leave you wanting more. We've gotten together to show you all what we have to offer. Plus we are giving away some great prizes, including an eReader!  Keep reading for more information about my book Awakenings. Then make sure you go on to to learn about more great books!

Coming July 29th!

Evie Shepard awakens to a nightmare. She's been buried alive and has no idea how or why. As she struggles to remember what happened, she begins to notice changes -- heightened senses, as well as increased speed, agility, and strength. And her heart no longer beats. She soon makes a disturbing discovery: she wasn't buried alive; she was murdered. Somehow, she has come back... and she wants revenge.

Read on for a never before released excerpt!!

Chapter One

Lightning strikes the ground, leaving behind a thick, black scorch mark. Within seconds, it strikes a second time, pausing briefly before giving a third earth-shattering blow. I don’t see the actual bolts — all I see is a flash of light, followed by my sister and me running, out of breath and terrified. Another flash, and we are huddled together in a rusted, abandoned car. Another burst of light, and the car door screeches open and we are being ripped away from each other by unfamiliar hands. It’s with that final memory that I open my eyes. As soon as I do, something grainy flows into them, so I shut them again. 
I can’t see, I can’t hear; but I can feel that I’m lying on cold earth. The longer I’m awake, the more I become aware of an unbelievable pressure on my chest. Slowly, I realize that it’s not just my chest — my face and body also feel as if I’m being crushed. Oily nausea roils through me, but I clench my teeth to stop myself from panicking. Where am I? I try to move my hands and find they’re pinned to my side. I try to open my eyes again and instantly get something in them. I flex my fingers, and the grittiness that slips through them makes me aware of the awful truth — I have been buried alive.
 I let out a shriek, but have to close my mouth as dirt begins to slip past my lips. Struggling frantically, I feel the earth move under my hands. I realize I can’t be buried very deep, or the pressure of the dirt would surely have suffocated me by now. I’m astounded it hasn’t already, though I have no way of knowing how long I’ve been underground. I force myself to be still, to stop and think about what I have to do. I need to be very careful getting out, making sure not to cause a cave-in and possibly crush myself. I need to remember to breathe shallowly or I will run out of oxy— And that’s when I realize that I’m not breathing. Not at all. 

You can also find me at:

Now for the CONTEST!!!!


You might notice that there's a bonus entry on the Rafflecopter. We  have created a super secret scavenger hunt sentence that's been running throughout the hop. On each post a word has been highlighted for you to find. All these words strung together make up a sentence, and if you've been following the posts and  know what that sentence is, good news, you get an extra entry into the Rafflecopter!! 

So follow on to the next blog to get the next word! Happy Hunting! 

Let us know what you look for in a book! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Happens When I Try to Vacation

 My best friend and I had just moved 1,000 miles apart. We vowed that we would take that cruise we had been talking about for the past five years. 

The first few days of the cruise were fine. The staff was great and entertaining, the ship offered pepporoni pizza, one of the only five things my friend will eat, and our room was nice and quiet. 
The problem when we went into Cozumel. 

We had purchased a “swim with the dolphins” package. Maybe we should have realized something was up when they insisted that we wore life jackets. I thought it was because they were afraid we couldn’t swim, now that I look back, I think they were afraid the dolphins might drown us. 

I’m not sure what it was about my friend that pissed off the dolphin. Maybe he didn’t like short people. Maybe it could sense that she was an animal lover and thought he could get away with it. Whatever it was, he made sure to let his displeasure be known. First it spit in her face. Then it smacked her in the leg as it swam by. Even the trainer noticed the dolphins displeasure, but we, naively, laughed it off. But when it came time for the dolphin to give her a kiss, it head butted her. Hard. Not so funny anymore. Luckily there wasn’t any real damage, other than a headache, but the trainer had all of us get out sortly after. The life jackets made more sense. 

After the satanic dolphin, we decided to get back on the ship. Then, we hit a tropical depression. As the ship rode the waves, we were glancing nervously around. It is a very odd feeling to try and put your foot down a floor that won’t stop moving. I can’t tell you how many times I stumbled. I would step, and the floor would mockingly move away from me. Tricky bastard. 

Anyway, the staff assured us that we were fine. When one of the, very, VERY, green ladies at the table asked how he handeled it, he answered, “Ah, the motion of the ocean causes no commotion.” Which I found hilarious, but I was too afraid to open my mouth to laugh. People  began to disappear from the dinning room. I was one of them. I never got “throw-up” sick, but my poor stomach sure did twirl and swirl. 

My friend, who I was very concerned about due to her hear condition, didn’t have a problem in the world. I told her to go do what she wanted, no reason for her to suffer in the room with me. She left, but came back shortly after. The ocean wasn’t making her sick, but the sick people were making her sick. 

After a few hours I testily told my friend, “I just want to get off this damn ship.” I kid you not, two seconds later, there was an enormous, BANG! It sounded like part of the ship had been torn off.  It was like God said, “Wish granted!” 

I looked at my friend and said, “I didn’t mean it! I don’t want off this ship! Please God, let us stay on this ship!” 

We fearfully waited for the announcement that we were going to have to evacuate. Which of course would have been all my fault, since I said I wanted off the ship, but it never came. Luckily for us, they were able to skirt around the edge of it, and the rest of the cruise was fine.

But I learned a two things. You need to be REALLY careful what you ask for, and dolphins can be little bastards.

Monday, July 1, 2013

In Stone Release Blitz!

Sooooo, excited for this one kiddo's! Read on and find out all about this fantastic book!

In Stone

Author: Louise D. Gornall
Publisher and Imprint: Entranced Publishing, Blush
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Release Date: July 1

Beau Bailey is suffering from a post-break-up meltdown when she happens across a knife in her local park and takes it home. Less than a week later, the new boy in school has her trapped in an alley; he’s sprouted horns and is going to kill Beau unless she hands over the knife.

Until Eighteenth-century gargoyle, Jack, shows up to save her.

Jack has woken from a century-long slumber to tell Beau that she’s unwittingly been drafted into a power struggle between two immortal races: Demons and Gargoyles. The knife is the only one in existence capable of killing immortals and they’ll tear the world apart to get it back. To draw the warring immortals away from her home, Beau goes with Jack in search of the mind-bending realm known as the Underworld, a place where they’ll hopefully be able to destroy the knife and prevent all hell from breaking loose. That is, provided they can outrun the demons chasing them

Here's a taste of what Louise has to offer!


As a general rule, nobody walks the Switch on account of the overgrown nettle bushes, a pungent aroma of foot infection, and a collective fear of encountering something feral. However, the Switch shaves at least ten minutes off my journey, and lately I don’t trust the dark. I blame my encounter with the almost-corpse, two nights ago. Before then the dark was just a natural progression; something to be slept in, a different color in the sky. Now, shadows make me jump, and the dark carries a silence that makes me think of funerals. It breathes life into creatures that had always been safely contained behind a TV screen. I make my way down the Switch, striding over vicious flora and trying to ignore the occasional nip that sinks straight through my jeans. 

“Hey, Beau!” A voice from behind startles me. When I turn, Gray is jogging in my direction, thwarting thorn bushes with his bare hands. “I was looking for you.” 

The hairs on the back of my neck bristle. My hand is in my pocket, and my fingers are wrapped around a slender cylinder of pepper spray as he reaches me. 

“Well you found me. What’s up?” 

“There’s something I need to ask you,” he says sheepishly. He hammers his toe against the ground, grinding it nervously into the dirt and crushing several stems of dandelion into gold dust. He giggles; it’s a soft, sweet sound that suffocates my hostility. He reminds me of Mark moments before he’d asked me out on our first date. Maybe this guy could be the one to liberate me from my social network sabbatical. Maybe my slightly-too-heavy eyeliner and my reputation as the mortician’s daughter hasn’t freaked him out. 

“Really?” Surprise raises my pitch. “What’s that?” The pepper spray is abandoned in my pocket. 

“Where’s the knife?” he replies, snatching my throat and slamming my back up against the concrete wall. It’s so forceful, so hard, that my spine ripples. Red flashes across my vision. The muscles in my neck go slack, and my head flops forward. He stabs his thumb up under my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye. His eyes are like the moon; cold, giant circles of icy-silver. But a change in his eye color is nothing in comparison to the change happening on either side of his head. I don’t understand it. It makes me wonder, briefly, if what I’m seeing is a side effect of the migraine pills Leah slipped me at lunch. Gray is growing horns. Giant grey horns that slide out of the side of his skull and then curl like springs around his ears. They’re animal.

People who have loved In Stone

Review Snippets: 

Straight away I was drawn in by the story and Louise's fantastic writing style, and I really struggled to put it down.”

“If a story can have me so invested that it brings out those kind of emotions in me - whether happy or sad - then I know I've found another to add to my favourites, and In Stone was one of those books.”

You know you want to read more!!!! Buy it here! Or better yet, win a copy! 

Buy Links:

Contest: Only to US, UK, Australia and Canada.

And here is the lovely Louise and a little more about her!

About the Author:

Louise is a graduate of Garstang Community Academy. She is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in English language and literature with special emphasis on creative writing. YA aficionado. Brit bird. Film nerd. Identical twin. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger. Zombie apocalypse 2012 survivor. She is also an avid collector of book boyfriends.

Author Social Media Links: